Personal Auto Coverage

Personal Auto Coverage

The first thing you need to know about food delivery is that your personal auto insurance policy is not going to cover you while you’re working. Delivery drivers should look for personal auto insurance coverage to protect themselves on the road.

Depending on how frequently you drive your car for deliveries, your personal auto insurance probably won’t be sufficient. Personal coverage just covers social use and basic commuting and will not extend coverage for business use.

Why Personal Auto Insurance Does not cover Delivery Drivers

If you’re using your own car to deliver food, you’re probably not covered under your personal auto insurance policy.

Driving your own vehicle requires some questions from both your insurance company and prospective employers. The majority of insurance companies won’t cover delivery drivers under a personal insurance policy because of the dramatically increased risks.

Many drivers don’t realize that their existing auto insurance may not cover them in an accident if they are using their personal car for side hustle deliveries. That’s often the case, even with a full coverage policy in effect. That could mean you’re on the hook for thousands (or even tens of thousands) of dollars in damages if you’re in an accident, putting your family’s assets at serious risk.

Some companies may provide temporary insurance coverage for drivers while they’re actively on a delivery. However, you’ll want to read the fine print to understand when you’re covered and the limitations of coverage. Then, you’ll need to ensure that your personal policy covers you the rest of the time.

Always check with your agent before using your car for deliveries to make sure you have coverage or get the right policy in place.

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