ICHRA Health Insurance


ICHRA Health Insurance plans help many small to medium size businesses face the challenge of providing robust employee benefits health plans while managing costs effectively. Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) allows employers to reimburse their employees for individual health insurance premiums and other qualified medical expenses, allowing employees to choose the coverage that best meets their needs.

At Gilbert’s Risk Solutions, we provide a range of benefits through leading insurance partners. ICHRA Health Insurance plans offer an effective way for employers to help reduce the burden of traditional group insurance plans.



Important Benefits of a Captive Plan


  • Choice and Flexibility: Employee get to choose their individual insurance plans and be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses.


  • Tax Benefits: The money contributed to an ICHRA is tax-free for employees. 


  • Access to Wider Networks: Depending on the plan chosen, employees may have access to broader networks of healthcare providers and facilities.



 We’ve helped businesses all across the country manage their risk and we look forward to helping you, too – no matter where it is that you call home. 

Our goal is to be your outsourced risk management partner

Business owners know that there’s always something that can go wrong.  Whether it’s a production delay due to a problem in the supply chain or a worker injury on the plant floor, you need to protect your operations, your productivity, and your bottom line. Gilbert’s Risk Solutions can help. Contact us today to discuss your options. 

Our goal is to be your outsourced risk management partner

We offer a full complement of benefits from the nation’s premier insurance partners, and our experienced employee benefits consultants can help you develop a package that is right for your workers and your budget. Our approach is consultative and solutions based.

ICHRA Health Insurance

ICHRA Health Insurance

Value Added

In addition to your having access to our highly experienced benefits and HR consultants, we think you need another layer of protection. A 2015 study reported that U.S. employers have about a 12% chance of an employee claim that could result in a lawsuit. Compliance, documentation and HR best practices are your main defense. That’s why we provide our Employee Benefit clients with state-of-the-art technology, trainings, and tools at no additional cost.

Tailored Solutions

Many employers do not recognize the potential risks they carry, lacking adequate services, policies, or procedures to mitigate the likelihood incidents. We are dedicated to offering the best-tailored solutions to each individual scenario. The aim is to help you implement ICHRA insurance as a risk management measure, and assist you in selecting the optimal coverage to protect yourself and your employees.

Benefits Plan

Risk Management

360 degree approach

We take a 360 degree view of your business to ensure that all aspects of your business are secure. Our team of experts in Loss Control, Employee Benefits, Human Resources, and training are all available to our Gilbert’s Risk Solutions commercial clients, ensuring multi-pronged risk mitigation.