Life Insurance


In the 1850s when we began offering insurance, life expectancy was about 18.5 years less than it is today. Although life insurance goes back to ancient Roman times, here in the U.S., it wasn’t available to the working class until the late 1800s. Today, 60% of the population is covered by some type of life insurance policy. We’ve been offering Pennsylvania life insurance to our neighbors for more than seven generations.

Nobody likes to think about their own mortality, but the old saying about there being only two things we can count on in life – death and taxes – is quite true. Many people have life insurance policies through their employer, but these can disappear in job changes. It can be a good idea to have a personal life insurance policy to cover a mortgage, provide for your children’s education, provide for a special-needs child, protect a spouse or a business partner, and cover funeral or burial expenses.


Gilbert’s Risk Solutions would like to be your personal consultant in looking at your Pennsylvania life insurance options. There are two primary types of coverage: Term Insurance, which is temporary coverage bought to cover a certain number of years and Permanent Life Insurance, which offers lifetime coverage. There are a number of options and variations within each category. Your Gilbert’s personal risk consultant can help you weigh the options and understand the benefits of each.


While we’re proud to call Pennsylvania our home, we’ve helped individuals all across the country manage their risk and we look forward to helping you, too – no matter where it is that you call home.

Common types of Pennsylvania Life Insurance


  • Term Life Insurance
    • Increasing
    • Decreasing
  • Permanent Life
    • Whole life
    • Universal life
    • Variable life
    • Variable universal life
    • Survivorship Life
  • Burial of Final Expense Insurance

Our goal is to be your outsourced risk management partner

Business owners know that there’s always something that can go wrong.  Whether it’s a production delay due to a problem in the supply chain or a worker injury on the plant floor, you need to protect your operations, your productivity, and your bottom line. Gilbert’s Risk Solutions can help.

Our goal is to be your personal risk consultant

Most people are too busy living their lives to dwell on potential problems and risks. Yet calamities do occur, and we’d like to help you plan so that your family and assets are protected should the worst occur. Life insurance is a conversation that you should have with your spouse; if you are a parent, it’s an important protection to secure your children’s future. At Gilbert’s Risk Solutions, we can help.

Our Approach

We take a consultative, risk management approach to our personal insurance clients. We invest the time to get to know you and the things that are important to you and your family so we can recommend the best solutions for your unique situation. We work with more than 100 insurance companies, so there are many options, which can seem confusing or even overwhelming. We are here to help you understand and choose the best options for your circumstances.

Tailored Solutions

We’re experts in Pennsylvania life insurance and related financial products and can identify the right solutions for your particular life situation at this time. We all go through various life stages and our personal circumstances change. Needs evolve depending on where we are in our lives. We’ll help you assess your needs and evaluate the best options for you and your family.

360 Degree Approach

Your personal risk consulting team can help you assess the right options for you and your family from a variety of options. Your financial security deserves more than a cookie cutter approach. Our service is excellent and earns rave reviews – just ask any of your 3,000 neighbors who put their trust in Gilbert’s Risk Solutions!