Risk Assessments for Businesses


Since the Second Industrial Revolution, we’ve been helping regional businesses identify and reduce their most costly risks. Find out why seven generations of business leaders have placed their trust in Gilbert’s Risk Solutions.

When it comes to insurance agencies, Gilbert’s Risk Solutions breaks the mold. While we provide the full array of insurance products and services that you’d typically expect, we offer our client businesses so much more value than that. Insurance is important; it’s the financing mechanism that protects you against risks and perils. But insurance products are only part of the value we provide – and often, not even the most important part. The real key is the identification and mitigation of your risks.


We take a consultative and risk management approach to your business. It’s an approach that has earned us relationships with our neighboring businesses that extend over decades.


We recognize that this might not be a fit for everybody. We seek to serve forward thinking, innovative, best-of-class organizations and to earn a trusted business partner status with those companies. We look to build long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial and aimed at growth.


While we’re proud to call Pennsylvania our home, we’ve helped businesses all across the country manage their risk and we look forward to helping you, too – no matter where it is that you call home.


Business Risk Management


  • Claims Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Loss Control
  • Executive Protection
  • Benefit E & O Fiduciary Liability Insurance


Human Resources Support


  • HRIS Portal
  • New Employee Enrollment
  • Handbook Development
  • Job Description Development
  • Issue & Conflict Resolution
  • Performance Management Assistance


Benefits Administration


  • Insured and Self Funded Health  Plans
  • Life, Disability, Dental, Vision, Long-Term Care
  • Consumer-Driven Health Plans
  • Section 125 Plans
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Employee Assistance Programs

Workers’ Comp Control


  • Claims Management
  • Cost Management
  • Classification Analysis
  • Recovery at Work
  • Claims Analysis
  • Loss Control


Legal Compliance


  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination Laws
  • Leave Laws
  • Immigration Laws
  • Benefit Laws
  • File Maintenance Laws
  • Summary Plans Descriptions


Health Management


  • Affordable Care Act Compliance
  • Employee Education & Communication
  • Wellness Programs




  • Sexual Harassment
  • Effective Hiring & Firing Training
  • Progressive Discipline Training
  • Safety Training/Safety Works
  • Supervisor Training (Harassment & FMLA)
  • Cobra/State Continuation

Our goal is to be your outsourced risk management partner

Business owners know that there’s always something that can go wrong.  Whether it’s a production delay due to a problem in the supply chain or a worker injury on the plant floor, you need to protect your operations, your productivity, and your bottom line. Gilbert’s Risk Solutions can help.

Learning your company’s risks and exposures

Our process starts by getting to know your business and its inner workings. If we don’t understand your business and its issues, we can’t adequately identify the exposures that could cause unexpected problems down the road or inhibit your growth. We invest a great deal of time and effort to get things right. We are extremely selective in choosing organizations to go through this process. We’re willing to invest that time because that is how we can bring the most value to your organization and how we can build a long-term partnership.


This proprietary diagnostic assessment process identifies your exposures to loss, uncovers the types of risks to which you are vulnerable, and determines how well positioned you are to control a loss should one occur. It is a four-step process: Identify Exposures; define mitigation strategies; implement a program; and monitor and adjust going forward. The scope and duration of each audit depends on the size and complexity of your business. This is a no-cost analysis for you.

Sophisticated Diagnostics

Each audit is customized using an array of tools, resources and strategies that best fits you. We have incorporated numerous proprietary tools and resources to support the audit process, such as the Intelligent Quotient for Risk Management assessment, culture surveys, compliance audits, and quantifiable risk assessments. These tools and others enhance our ability to effectively and efficiently identify exposures and mitigate risks.

Executive Action Plan

The end product of our audit is an executive action plan which spells out the top exposures we’ve identified, along with recommended measures to mitigate those risks. Each decision about how to manage risk is examined in light of its impact on your organization’s bottom line. And here’s a key fact: Not all your risks can be addressed by insurance. We then work collaboratively with you to establish objectives, standards, and steps of the engagement. The plan serves as the blueprint for the audit and holds us accountable to each other.