Times Change

But our foundational values like integrity, honesty, and trust don’t — and they are what have kept Gilbert’s Risk Solutions growing and thriving for 160 years.


When we opened our doors, the first blast furnaces were in operation and coal mining was flourishing in 50 neighboring mines. Sharon was an iron and steel center. Products were hauled over wagon roads and shipped via river or rail. Risks were high for businesses, but business insurance coverage was still very limited.


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Today, we still work in steel and manufacturing, but our 3,000+ customers have expanded to technology, energy, retail, and service sectors. The workplace is much safer today, but technology, complex regulations, and a global marketplace have introduced evolving new risks. Gilbert’s values haven’t changed, but we’ve kept up with the latest technologies, diagnostics, and risk management tools to help our clients identify exposures, mitigate risks, and reduce losses.


Most manufacturing workers were putting in 65-70 hour work weeks. Modern day labor laws covering hours, wages, and employee safety did not exist. Health insurance, unemployment insurance, sick days, and vacation time did not evolve until decades later.


Today, employee benefits are rich and varied, from health insurance to retirement packages and everything in between. There’s also a labyrinth of federal, state, and local employment laws. We help employers design benefit plans for every budget, and we offer a cutting edge Human Resources Information System (HRIS), compliance consultation, and tools for managing ACA, FMLA, ERISA, ADA and more!


Autos hadn’t yet been invented. Homeowners insurance as we know it didn’t exist until a century later. Fire insurance policies were available, but were pretty basic. Life insurance was also available for male breadwinners to protect widows and orphans, but generally purchased by wealthier individuals.


Today’s families have a much higher standard of living. Personal assets needing protection have expanded to encompass homes, autos and sometimes RVs, boats, and second homes. There’s also an array of income protection, retirement, and life insurance options. While choices are more complex, we can be your guide, providing the same great service to you that has kept us in business for more than six generations.

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