Home Insurance


Back in our early days, homes in Sharon were humble. There was no electricity so houses were lit by candles and oil lamps. Kitchens had cast iron stoves. Bathrooms were nearly unheard of; tubs and commodes were luxuries found only in hotels or a few wealthy homes. The insurance we offered home owners was mostly for protection against losses from home and barn fires.

From the simple homes of yesteryear to today’s more luxurious accommodations, Gilbert’s Risk Solutions has been here helping our neighbors protect what for most people is their single most valuable investment: their home. We work with more than 20 premier insurance companies, so we know the best coverage and options for your unique situation.


In Pennsylvania, home insurance covers your home and its contents against losses you might experience from things like fires, vandalism, theft, and storms. It also covers you for personal liability should someone be injured in your home. It does not cover floods or earthquakes, you would need separate coverage for those. Our expert team can advise you and answer any questions you may have.


While we’re proud to call Pennsylvania our home, we’ve helped individuals all across the country manage their risk and we look forward to helping you, too – no matter where it is that you call home.

Optional Pennsylvania home insurance coverages:


  • Flood, Wind, Earthquake
  • Home Business
  • Identity fraud
  • Other structures
  • Replacement value
  • Umbrella
  • Valuables, such as jewelry, antiques, furs, collections


Other residential:


If you have another home living arrangement, you may need a different type of policy. Examples include:


  • Condominium
  • Landlord
  • Mobile home
  • Renters

Our goal is to be your outsourced risk management partner

Business owners know that there’s always something that can go wrong.  Whether it’s a production delay due to a problem in the supply chain or a worker injury on the plant floor, you need to protect your operations, your productivity, and your bottom line. Gilbert’s Risk Solutions can help.

Our goal is to be your personal risk consultant

We have the knowledge and experience to help you weigh the available options to protect your assets and your family. Our personal risk consulting team will provide superlative service, advice and insight. We’re proud that our customers stay with us year after year. This year, 96% of our personal insurance customers showed their confidence in us with renewals.

Our Approach

Gilbert’s Risk Solutions takes a risk management and consultative approach to your needs. That means we take the time to get to know you, your life situation, and your financial goals. When we understand your needs, we can offer the best Pennsylvania home insurance solutions. We’re experts in our field and we’re eager to put that expertise to your advantage.

Residential Solutions

All Pennsylvania home insurance policies and insurance companies are not created equal and that is why it can be risky to purchase coverage via an online form. Your personal risk consultant can advise you about available discounts, the right deductible level for you, and options to ensure that you are adequately covered. A simple policy might be fine for a young couple with a starter home; a person with a high net worth may need additional coverage to protect deep assets, such as an umbrella policy.

Personal Consultation

Your personal risk consulting team will help you assess the right options for you and your family from a myriad of choices. Your financial security deserves more than a cookie cutter approach. Our service is excellent and earns rave reviews – just ask any of your 3,000 neighbors who put their trust in Gilbert’s Risk Solutions!