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In the 1850s when Gilbert’s Risk Solutions began, the game of golf was going through a global boom in popularity, particularly in Great Britain; here in the U.S., it was still a pretty primitive game until the Roaring Twenties, when the sport really took off. Today, Pennsylvania has more than 800 golf courses including Buhl Farm Golf Course, better known as Dum-Dums, in our hometown of Sharon, the nation’s only free golf course. Gilbert’s Risk Solutions has been insuring Pennsylvania golf courses since the early days of the sport.

As golf courses have grown more sophisticated over the years, Gilbert’s Risk Solutions has been there to manage the growing exposures and insure the risks. Golfing facilities are a complex environment, with risks encompassing the course itself, restaurant and food facilities, retail shops, special events, and outdoor workers. The nature of the sport means that guests are exposed to flying objects, golf carts, outdoor terrain, weather, and, occasionally, wildlife.


Whether your facility is small family-owned golf course or large operation with many employees, Gilbert’s Risk Solutions can help you find the right Pennsylvania golf course insurance for your unique needs. We work with more than 100 premier insurance companies. More than that, we work with you to manage you risk, reduce your losses, and protect your business. Discover why so many of your neighbors have trusted us for more than seven generations!


While we’re proud to call Pennsylvania our home, we’ve helped businesses all across the country manage their risk and we look forward to helping you, too – no matter where it is that you call home.

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Our goal is to be your outsourced risk management partner

Business owners know that there’s always something that can go wrong.  Whether it’s a production delay due to a problem in the supply chain or a worker injury on the plant floor, you need to protect your operations, your productivity, and your bottom line. Gilbert’s Risk Solutions can help.

Our goal is to be your outsourced risk management partner

By their very nature, sporting operations that cater to the general public entail risk. No matter how many precautions you take, a simple slip, trip, or fall can take an enormous toll on your bottom line if you don’t have the right coverage. Gilbert’s Risk Solutions works in tandem with you as your outsourced risk management partner with the goal of protecting your operations, your guests, your workers, and your bottom line.

Our Process

Although insurance is a critical component in business protection, it’s only one component. To prevent losses, it’s important to also manage your risk. The Gilbert’s Risk Solutions process is a consultative one, based on a risk management approach. Our proprietary RISK SHIELD® Process identifies your facility’s unique exposures and puts a loss control plan in place to mitigate those exposures. Often, the solution is an insurance product but, frequently, it’s a recommendation for a process, staff training, or a measure that will reduce an exposure.

Tailored Solutions

When it comes to your insurance coverage, we don’t take a cookie cutter approach. While there are many basics that should be covered – property, liability, and workers’ compensation, for example – there are many specialized coverages that may be important depending on the size and nature of your operations. As part of our risk assessment, we will advise you of any exposures that might warrant risk control measures or a supplemental form of insurance.

360 Degree Approach

We take a 360 degree view of your golf course operations to ensure that all aspects of your business are secure. Our team of experts in Loss Control, Employee Benefits, Human Resources, and Surety Bonds are all available to our Gilbert’s Risk Solutions commercial clients, ensuring multi-pronged approach to risk mitigation.