Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement


Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs) have been an active force in the employee benefits landscape since the 1970s, making health plans more flexible, accessible, and supportive for workers and their families. Unlike alternative group plans, MEWAs bring employers together for a common purpose – leveraging collective power to secure quality, cost-effective healthcare coverage through risk-sharing pools. 

If you are a business owner who is looking for comprehensive insurance solution, consider a Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA). This innovative collective insurance arrangement is available to businesses in Ohio and members of a chamber of commerce, offering a strategic approach to providing group health and other insurance options to employees.


Employers typically determine how much to pay for their participation in a MEWA based on several factors, including the number of employees they have enrolled, the level of coverage they choose, and any additional services they may opt for. Additionally, MEWAs often have fixed monthly costs that employers contribute, along with potential adjustments based on factors such as claims experience and usage throughout the year.


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Our goal is to be your outsourced risk management partner

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Our goal is to be your outsourced risk management partner

We offer a full complement of benefits from the nation’s premier insurance partners, and our experienced employee benefits consultants can help you develop a package that is right for your workers and your budget. Our approach is consultative and solutions based.

Value Added

In addition to your having access to our highly experienced benefits and HR consultants, we think you need another layer of protection. A 2015 study reported that U.S. employers have about a 12% chance of an employee claim that could result in a lawsuit. Compliance, documentation and HR best practices are your main defense. That’s why we provide our Employee Benefit clients with state-of-the-art technology, trainings, and tools at no additional cost.

Tailored Solutions

Many employers encounter unpredictable and sizable expenses, making it challenging to prepare for an mitigate the risk of unexpected incidents. Our commitment lies in providing customized solutions for each unique situation. Our goal is to guide you in enabling a MEWA, maximizing benefits and compliance while minimizing risk and administrative burdens.

Level-Funded Health Plan

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We take a 360 degree view of your business to ensure that all aspects of your business are secure. Our team of experts in Loss Control, Employee Benefits, Human Resources, and training are all available to our Gilbert’s Risk Solutions commercial clients, ensuring multi-pronged risk mitigation.