Risk Assessment

Certified Risk Architect

Certified Risk ArchitectThe Certified Risk Architect®, or CRA, is the new breed of insurance agent — consultative, diagnostic, result-oriented, and focused on managing and mitigating risks rather than selling insurance.

The CRA is viewed as a trusted business advisor, not a vendor of product. The CRA’s disciplined approach, planning process, and service standards differ significantly from the traditional insurance agent or broker. The CRA has been trained to begin each engagement with a blueprint focused on the identification, evaluation, and measurement of risk — a complete enterprise, diagnostic risk management checkup. The CRA uses an audit process to develop a clear understanding of the client’s operations, exposures and risk profile. While the short-term objective is to evaluate risk, the long-term goal is to design and build programs to positively impact an organization’s bottom line through the strategic elimination, reduction, and/or shifting of risk. To fully appreciate the Certified Risk Architect®, we must begin with an analysis of the traditional insurance agent and the pitfalls to that approach to business development and client service.