Spring is here! But Motorists Beware!

By Laura Tarr

It may feel like Groundhog’s Day was forever ago, but the first day of spring has arrived and there is light at the end of the tunnel! Before we know it, those coats, gloves and nightly sitcoms will be replaced with some walking shoes and evenings spent outdoors.  As someone who loves the change of seasons and can find the beauty in all of them, I find myself getting really excited for the transition from winter to spring.  The days are getting longer, we are able to get some fresh air into our homes, flowers begin to bloom and the trees are coming into bud.

With the longer and warmer days ahead, it is time to enjoy one of my favorite pastimes… riding on the back of my husband’s motorcycle. Sometimes we head out on a quick ride to get an ice cream cone, while other times we head north for a visit with our granddaughter on Lake Erie.  Every ride is always different, every ride is always exciting and every ride I am reminded of one of my biggest pet peeves… texting and driving.

Every year in the United States, almost half a million people are injured in traffic accidents due to the combination of texting and driving. Some people may think that sending a quick text is harmless, but studies show that on average, a crash takes place within three seconds after a driver is distracted.  (For more Distracted Driving statistics, visit http://distracteddriveraccidents.com/25-shocking-distracted-driving-statistics/)

We need to remind ourselves that no text is ever worth risking our own life or the life of someone else. Let’s put our phones away, crank the car windows down, turn up the music and enjoy the beauty of spring.  And don’t forget to look twice, you just might save a life!

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