Back to School Safety

Back To School Safety

School will be starting up again next quarter, which means businesses need to adapt to the changing environment and prepare for potential risks. This period brings increased foot traffic, changing schedules, and a greater emphasis on safety. Ensuring your business is ready can prevent accidents, protect your assets, and maintain smooth operations. Here are some essential tips for preparing your business for the back-to-school season:


Enhance Security 

  • Inspect and Maintain Facilities: Check for hazards such as loose flooring, slippery surfaces, and blocked or poorly lit entrances, exits, and pathways, and address any issues found. 
  • Update Emergency Plan: Organize regular safety drills to make sure the members of staff are familiar with evacuation procedures.
  • Install Security Systems: Check that all security systems are in good working order and monitored regularly. Consider upgrading the system if it’s not up to standards.


Protect Your Property

  • Review Your Insurance: Review your current insurance policy to verify it covers potential risks associated with the back-to-school season. Consider additional coverage for specific risks, such as increased theft or damage due to higher foot traffic.
  • Manage Inventory: Check through inventory and update the records if needed. Be sure that valuable items are properly stored and insured.
  • Weather Preparedness: Prepare for potential weather-related issues by inspecting your building’s roof, windows, and doors for potential risks. 


Promote Health and Safety

  • Clean and Sanitize: Put into action proper cleaning and sanitizing protocols to maintain a safe environment for staff and students.
  • Workplace Safety Training: Provide regular safety training for staff, focusing on areas such as emergency procedures and proper use of equipment. 


Stay Informed

  • Monitor Local News: Keep an eye on local news and weather reports to stay informed about potential risks or emergencies. 
  • Effective Communication: Establish a reliable communication system to keep staff informed about emergencies or important updates. Ensure all contact information for staff and students is up to date. 


By taking proactive steps to prepare your business for summer, you can minimize potential disruptions and protect your assets. Preparation is key to maintaining business continuity and protecting staff and students. For personalized guidance on securing your business against risks, consult with one of our experienced advisors. 

To better prepare for the school year, contact one of our talented Risk Advisors today!


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