Portable Generator Safety Tips

Portable Generator Safety Tips

Was your home’s power recently impacted by the inclement weather?  Having a portable generator at your home or business is definitely important and beneficial for you, your family or employees, especially during situations like ones recently.   Did you know there are potential risks associated with using these types of generators?  Although they restore temporary power, they can be dangerous – possibly resulting in illness, injury, and even worse if used improperly.  It’s important to take precautions when using a portable generator to lower your risks of those situations happening.  Follow these generator safety tips for safe handling.

Store in a Dry, Clean Area

Make sure you are always storing your portable generator in a dry, clean area that is easily accessible.  Keeping the area dry prevents damage to the generator, ensuring it works properly when needed.  It also ensures that you won’t be standing in water when you touch the generator, something that could be potentially dangerous to you.

Never Operate Indoors

Operating a generator indoors or a garage could cause carbon monoxide to build up and lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.  Always make sure to set your generator outside to prevent this from happening.  A minimum distance of 25 feet away from your home or business is recommended for proper ventilation.

Make Sure Generator is Properly Connected

Always follow manufacturer’s instructions to properly ground your generator before use.  This will reduce your risk of electrocution.  Check often for cords that are frayed or have exposed wires, even cords that are plugged into your generator.  Never plug your generator into a wall outlet.

Always Shut Down Before Refueling

Do not try to refuel a generator while it’s running.  This could lead to getting burned or risk causing a fire because gasoline or kerosene can ignite if spilled on hot engines.  Always make sure the generator is completely cooled down before refueling.


Understanding the importance of generator handling is crucial in one’s safety. Be sure to follow these generator safety tips to ensure yours and others safety when a generator is being used.

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