Holiday Travel Safety Tips

Holiday Travel Safety Tips

Will you be one of the many people traveling this year to visit family and friends to celebrate the holiday season?  Whether hitting the roads or heading to the airport to catch a flight, holiday travel can be very hectic.  In order to boost holiday spirit and make sure you and your loved ones arrive safely to wherever you’re traveling, remember these holiday travel safety tips during your travels.

Don’t Travel During Peak Times

The few days before Christmas and the day after New Year’s Day are some of the busiest travel days of the year.  If you want to avoid sitting in heavy traffic, leave earlier or later than everyone else.  Sometimes traveling on those days is inevitable, so if it’s something avoidable just plan on being on the road with more cars than normal and adding extra driving time to your schedule.  If you are flying, make sure to arrive early to your flight, giving yourself extra time to get through long check-in lines and crowds.

Carry an Emergency Road Kit

Having an emergency road kit is essential, especially when traveling long distances.  Having an emergency road kit could be extremely beneficial in case of an unexpected break down alongside a road and is just overall a great way to be ready for anything that may happen while traveling.  This kit could save you and your loved ones in case of a breakdown or if you are stranded in a winter storm.  Items that should be included in this kit, but not limited to are jumper cables, flares or triangle reflectors, extra motor oil, a first-aid kit, warm blankets, a flashlight with extra batteries, granola bars, and water bottles.

Keep Yourself and Your Kids Entertained

Traveling long distances in a car with kids or by yourself can sometimes be excruciating.  Instead of hearing “are we there yet” over and over, pack some items that can keep your kids entertained.  Packing books, car games to play together, a tablet or even a portable DVD player and some of their favorite Christmas movies could help pass the time so quickly they won’t wonder aloud how much longer they have to sit in the car.  Keeping kids entertained can also reduce the chances of becoming distracted while driving.  If driving alone, play a favorite playlist or podcast to also help the time pass by effortlessly.  Make sure to take breaks or stops when feeling tired and to also stretch your legs if traveling long distances.

Prepare for Unexpected Weather

Before packing up and traveling this holiday, make sure to be aware of and prepared for the unexpected winter weather.  Keep track of what the weather will be like when flying or driving so you’re not caught off guard in a delay. If driving, check your vehicle’s tires, wiper blades, fluids, and lights a few days before you leave to ensure your car will be in the best shape for snowy roads.  If flying, be aware that delays might happen if the weather is too bad and try to have a backup plan if this does happen to avoid being stranded at an airport.


If you have a holiday planned this season, be sure to keep in mind these these holiday travel safety tips to ensure your travels are as smooth and comfortable as possible.


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