Life Insurance

What is the Best Life Insurance for Me?

What is life insurance?

This policy is a tool you can use to financially protect your family in the event of a passing. Beneficiaries will receive a payout to use, ensuring security in a difficult time.

When to start a policy?

Anytime is a good time to start a policy. The younger and healthier you are, result in lower premiums. However, starting a policy after these major life events are especially important to consider:

  • Marriage
  • Purchase of a Home
  • Birthing or adopting a child


Policy Options

Although there are many different options, there are 3 main types to consider.

  • Term: You will receive a guaranteed death benefit for the term of your choosing. Plus, your payments are guaranteed to remain the same for the length of the term.
  • Whole: Gives you premiums, guarantees, and valuable protection.
  • Universal: Offers lifetime protection while building cash value advantages for you and your family to use. 


What policy is best for me?

Term Life Insurance

  • Consistent Premiums for 10,15,20, or 30 years.
  • Options to continue coverage at the end of the term
  • A choice to add-on benefits to customize coverage


Whole Life Insurance

  • Guaranteed income-tax-free death benefit
  • Guaranteed consistent premiums
  • A choice to add-on benefits to customize coverage
  • Permanent coverage
  • 100% return of premium guarantee


Universal Life Insurance

  • Flexibility to raise or lower premiums 
  • Permanent coverage
  • Built-in cash value (Can use to take loans or pay premiums) 
  • Income tax-free death benefit to protect families financial well-being

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