New Year's Eve Safety Tips

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

It’s always fun to go out and ring in the New Year with friends and family.  Whether you’re going out to celebrate the arrival of the New Year or having a festive get-together at home, you should always be aware of these New Year’s Eve safety tips to stay safe and have fun!

Drink Responsibly

It’s almost inevitable to have a drink to cheer in the New Year.  If you are drinking make sure to know your limits and don’t over-drink to prevent alcohol poisoning.  This will also ensure that you can continually pay attention to your surroundings while enjoying yourself.  Remember to never leave your drink unattended or drink and drive. 126-428

Driving Carefully

As stated previously, if you plan on drinking, do not drive.  Plan ahead and get a cab, Uber, or designate a driver you can depend on. According to an article by the National Safety Council, since 2010, the number of traffic fatalities during the New Year’s celebration period ranges from 126-428. New Year’s Eve safety isn’t just for you, but those around you. Don’t let any of your friends drive under the influence either.  If you’re hosting a party, keep your guests safe by collecting their keys and offering your place to stay the night.

If you do drive anywhere, keep in mind that road conditions may not be ideal during winter weather.  Drive slowly and maintain a safe distance between yourself and other cars.  Drive carefully and always watch out for other vehicles because you never know if someone else is driving under the influence.

Don’t Leave Your Car Overnight

New Year’s Day is the second most active holiday for car thefts.  Make sure if you do have to leave it overnight in a public area, that it’s left in a well-lit area and your doors are locked.  Try to pick it back up as early as possible the next day to make sure it doesn’t get damaged or stolen.

Know Your Surroundings

Wherever you decide to spend your evening, make sure you know your surroundings.  Be aware of exits in case of an emergency, which roads are the busiest, and well-lit areas.  If you are with a group, make plans to arrive and leave together and communicate your whereabouts if plans change.

Your Pet’s Safety Matters

If you’re having New Year’s festivities at home, make sure to keep in mind your pet’s safety.  Having new people in the house and possibly loud noises can cause stress and scare your furry family member.  Be sure that all gates are latched and doors are closed so they can’t get out and be sure their collar with your information on their tag is on, in case they do.



Follow these New Year’s Eve safety tips to have a great time during your New Year’s celebration.  Have a Happy New Year from everyone at Gilbert’s!



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