Preparing Your Business for Summer

Prepare Your Business for Summer

As the summer season approaches, one thing that often catches us off guard is the weather. Summer weather can vary from intense heatwaves to sudden storms, making preparation and understanding essential to protect your business operations. Here are some tips to help you prepare your business for summer:

Create an Emergency Plan

  • Create an emergency response plan that includes evacuation procedures, designated shelter areas, and emergency contact information.
  • Make sure that all employees are trained on emergency plans. 


Protect Your Property

  • Have the building’s roof, windows, and doors checked for faults that may cause damage or improperly protect you from weather. 
  • Trim trees and secure loose outdoor equipment to prevent damage during strong winds.
  • Install impact-resistant windows and shutters if needed. 


Backup Critical Data

  • Regularly backup essential business data and store copies off-site or in the cloud.
  • Ensure quick recovery of important information in case of damage or loss due to severe weather.


Prepare for Power Outages

  • Keep an emergency kit with essentials like water, non-perishable food, flashlights, batteries, and a first aid-kit.
  • Use surge protectors to protect electronic devices from power surges
  • Fully charge essential devices and phones before a storm. 


Review Insurance Coverage

  • Contact your insurance agent to review your current policies, including property insurance and business interruption coverage.
  • Know what your policy covers and consider purchasing additional coverage for specific weather-related risks.


Stay Informed

  • Monitor weather forecasts regularly, especially during storm seasons.
  • Sign up for emergency alerts and set up a reliable communication system to keep employees informed of weather updates and business closures.


By taking proactive steps to prepare your business for summer, you can minimize potential disruptions and protect your assets. Preparation is key to maintaining business continuity and protecting your employees and customers. For personalized guidance on securing your business against weather risks, consult with one of our experienced advisors. 

To discuss your options, contact one of our talented Risk Advisors today!


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