The key to rental car coverage after an accident

The key to rental car coverage after an accident

Unexpected car accidents can cause some chaos and upset our plans. That’s why it’s important to know the key to rental car coverage after an accident

Car repairs can be expensive and take a long time before your car can be back on the road. This is why you might need a rental while waiting for your vehicle’s repairs to be complete.

This begs the question, “Who will pay for my rental car while my car is getting repaired?”

While you can opt for rental car reimbursement insurance on your auto policy, not all auto insurance plans automatically include this coverage. 

In general, there are three options: 

🟣 Rental car reimbursement can be added to your policy

🟣 An approved rental car provider will bill your insurance company directly 

🟣 Choose your rental car and submit a receipt for your reimbursement

It is also important to note that rental car reimbursement is only available for 30 days. This will be important to note so you are able to time the day you actually drop off the vehicle for repairs. So it is recommended that if your vehicle is drivable, to drive your vehicle as long as possible until the body shop can confirm they can start working on your vehicle. This way you are able to get a rental car later in the process with hopes that it will not take the full 30 days. We also recommend purchasing additional insurance once picking up the rental car to ensure you still have adequate insurance.

While these options may work for you, confirming your daily rental price limit is essential. You will be required to pay out-of-pocket for the additional expenses if you choose a more expensive rental, a rental outside your limits, or have the rental car longer than 30 days. 

Making sure you are covered when needing a rental car is the key to rental car coverage after an accident. 

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