Special Event Insurance Coverage

Special Event Insurance Coverage

It can be exciting to plan a special event but also unpredictable! Be proactive in making your event a success by discussing Special Event Insurance Coverage with our team at Gilberts Risk Solutions. We can help you and your family save time and money by opening up a policy for a special event liability and event cancellation insurance. Enjoy your event and let us do the worrying!

What is Special Event Insurance?

Special Event Insurance Coverage is an important component of planning a successful event regardless of whether you are hosting a wedding or class reunion, an indoor or outdoor event, an event with or without alcohol, or a single or multi-day event. Event planners often don’t know what is covered or not covered when it comes to Special Event Insurance. Understanding exactly what this insurance is key to protect your event. We can help guide you on how to purchase it and help find risks that you were not aware of. 

Types of special event insurance coverage we cover:

  • Weddings
  • Party/Social Events
  • Showers
  • Class Reunions
  • Graduations
  • Etc.


Special Event Liability Policy   

Special event liability insurance covers short-term private and public events against bodily injury and property damage claims. Many venues require event organizers to carry liability insurance to:

  • Help pay for medical expenses if a guest is injured
  • Protect venue property from damage, including the building(s) and any equipment
  • Total event attendance must be fewer than 12,000
  • Event days must be consecutive
  • Event cannot go on for more than 10 consecutive days, excluding set-up and tear-down
  • Event must be held at a single location you don’t own


Other costs that could be covered are items such as photographers, special attire, special gifts, jewelry, Military Deployment, Counseling, and Etc.

To find out more about special event insurance coverage, Contact one of our talented Risk Advisors today!


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